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The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Trnava, Section: Ltd., Insert No.: 12974/T

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We create applications you live with every day

We focus on the development of CRM systems and software solutions for the organization of educational activities, recording and reporting of monetary and non-monetary expenses, creating and working with databases. We are also collecting data in the field of healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, direct mailing, e-mailing and offer individual solutions according to the client's requirements.


CME portal

Online application for the registrar and organizers of educational activities for HCPs, which is connected to several medical chambers. It enables the quick addition of participants to the educational activity, the simple creation of attendance lists and the generating of certificates for the participants of the educational activity. Granted credits are automatically registered in each medical chambers.

Find out more at or contact us at +421 948 931 146


Database of health care professionals

We are the owner of HCP database in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Checking and updating records daily makes our database unique and valuable. We will be happy to share this database with the services that we will implement for you.

The database of doctors and health workers is updated on a daily basis by our call center.


CRM with database

Tanzanit is a CRM system designed primarily for pharmaceutical companies. It's a system you'll understand and love for its ease and intuitive use. The system has a number of functionalities for better organization of work, but also its analysis. There can be found: activity calendar, validated database of doctors and healthcare professionals, multimedia module, records of samples and promotional materials, overviews of realized visits, targeting clients, more than 20 different BI reports.

Tanzanit offers dashboards that are available at any time so that you can make quick and correct decisions. Just the way you need it.


Transfer orders

Transfer orders allow a company representative to execute direct orders in a pharmacy through a selected distributor. The application works independently, but you can also use it within the CRM system. It is user friendly and intuitive. The numbers are visualized in graphs and tables for better orientation and a faster decision-making process during the sale.

The application includes a validated database of pharmacies. Our call center is carefully checking the records so that the database is available and updated every day.


Direct mailing

Prepare and send to HCP a traditional paper letter. All you have to do is send the information you want to communicate via e-mail to our company. We will provide you all management from printing of letters, preparing envelopes to packaging and send via regular post office. We also offer direct mailing for medical departments. We ensure the complete distribution of educational materials (DHPC), letter and e-mail documents to doctors according to specializations. We deliver all the necessary confirmations important for a successful distribution.

Obviously, part of the service is reporting on the success of shipments delivery.



We offer electronic communication and delivery of messages to the recipient's inbox. Our priority is not quantity, but quality. That's why we keep the contact database fresh and only with active e-mail addresses.

The database contains only active e-mail addresses and is updated and maintained regularly.


Data collection

Data collection through online panels is a service we provide for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The data obtained in this way are characterized by quality and deep profiling. The client's satisfaction with the quality of the data and the overall process of project implementation is important for us, therefore we have implemented measures to maintain the high quality of the service provided.

Many years of experience with electronic data collection and the help of our call center in this process also allow us to obtain high-quality and accurate data.


Non-monetary and monetary benefits

We offer a user-friendly application for recording and reporting expenses of monetary and non-monetary payments. The outputs can also be generated in custom templates according to the client's requirements. From the application, you will get all the reports you need for individual institutions such as NCZI, Tax Office, or EFPIA.

We track changes to templates and reporting for you and automatically update them so that you always have available updated formats.